When 4 year old Ava met Emerson


We made the news gain…such a lovely story of how LOVE and HOPE really does come in all shapes, ages and sizes…

“Sunbury girl, 4, runs mini-marathon to raise funds for Weybridge toddler with spinal cord injury”

Two-year-old Emerson Grant requires surgery for a spinal cord injury that has caused him to be paralysed from the chest down


A lovely article in #getsurrey and the Surrey Advertiser when #emersongrant2014 met 4 year old Ava at Abs personal fitness – we are so truly blessed and grateful for these guys for raising funds for Emerson but also giving us hope and spreading the love. Angie and Mike are more than fitness instructors they make everyone feel part of their extended family and make people believe in themselves and succeed in their goals and aims…

Thank you to the ABS family for getting us one step closer to purchasing the FES Bike for Emerson that will help slow down his low bone density, Osteopenia and strengthen his core and lower limbs #feelingblessed #grateful #thankful #loved ❤️ and as for Ava how amazing is she – one day I hope Ava and Emerson complete a marathon together


Wednesday, November 9 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM in UTC+08
YOGA Zenith
Cnr of Bombard & Simpson st, Ardross, Perth, Australia 6153




+61 466 888 578



Namaste yogis & yoginis, I trust everyone is keeping well & enjoying our lovely Spring!


When my beautiful friend & yogini Andrea shared the link about her nephew Emerson, I decided that’s ” It’s time for YOGA MALA!!”

I realised we have well passed the Spring Equinox but it is never too late to celebrate the Spring Spirit through Yoga Mala , especially when it comes to help a friend in need!

I will now let you explore to read more about Emerson here & sincerely hope the story touch your hearts. Like it does, with mine!




To all my students who practised Yoga Mala in the past with me, you know our traditions, practising Yoga Mala to celebrate Equinox! All proceeds from Yoga Mala Practices by Yoga Zenith are to be donated to community causes!


Suggestion for donation is $25/ person


And this time, our Mala is to help a friend, a member of our extended family!


With so much love & hope, I would like to dedicate this practice of YOGA Mala to Emerson ! Our prayers & love to you & your family beautiful angel through this difficult time! God blesses you �����


YOGA Mala is a unique way of yoga practice to balance and renewal when our mind, body and spirit open themselves up to receive the revitalizing Prana of the earth and sun.


We will celebrate this shift in the seasons with a transformative celebration of 108 sun salutations to honor the sun, the earth, and our own spirit.


A Yoga Mala is a series of 108 Sun Salutations, as an energizing, healing, and meditative way to welcome the change of season, to share energy, sweat, rejuvenate, and express gratitude for the many blessings of life.


This is an amazing opportunity to burn off any ‘crud’ in the system, and to empower yourself to move into your life fearlessly.


Do not fret, this is a lot easier than it sounds! The collective power of the group will create the fuel to support you in this fun, heart-opening practice. And yes, the more people, the better!



Equinox is a time of balancing in our lives, representing fertility, creation, and renewal. It is a chance to gently review ourselves and rejuvenate our relationships with clarity of mind and new perspectives. The vitality of the sun brings us dynamism, courage, and energy as we move toward longer days, blossoms, and rebirth.


So mark this date, join me & let’s experience the spirit of the Yoga Mala, experience the power of a moving meditation, heal yourself & help others to heal.




#Honey x


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Arachnoid cyst number 3 :(

So, SCI awareness day has passed and September is SCI awareness month. We are day 16 at St George’s hospital with #emersongrant2014and had a positive meeting with a spinal surgeon consultant from Great Ormond Street hospital. When I say positive I mean we were able to ask questions and understand the answers and feel a sense of trust that the person in front of us had great expertise in the spinal cord complications. He showed compassion, he was professional and most of all he gave us a plan on what to do. I even managed to sleep for a good 3 hours last night…


We didn’t quite hear the news we had hoped for but it confirmed our fears in a more positive, moving forward way.

#spinalcordinjuries are complicated at the best of time, then throw in an anachroid cyst that just won’t and can’t go away. Each time it comes back it causes more mobility loss and will eventually cause issues to the brain, as the CSF fluids that flow between your spine and brain to enable you to be mobile become damaged.

Each time there is a need for surgery the risks become higher. Each time Emerson has had surgery his spine has taken a hit and caused Sciliosis, kyphosis, low bone density and osteoporosis. How can all this be possible we knew there were risks but we certainly didn’t think Emerson would get all this is just 12 months!

If it was a benign tumour it could be removed and treatment could be given. Unfortunately this is not an option for Emerson. It’s more complicated it’s a very rare critical disease and there is no treatment to treat it to make it go away.

Today, I’m allowed to be a parent and feel angry that if our requests for an MRI back in June/July 2016, Emerson wouldn’t have these issues.

Today, Emerson had a Somatosensory evoked potentials test to check his nerves between legs, arms, spine and brain – this will be the baseline for any changes that occur from today. He also had a Magnetic stimulation test to measure signals from brain to spine.

There is nothing more to do now but wait and be ready for when the cyst that is in Emerson’s spine compresses against his nerve and causes critical neurological damage.

All we can do is be positive, and keep on going, continue to go on adventures and enjoy the simple things in life that we are blessed to experience; Hold on to the fact that Emerson is eating, drinking, speaking, being cheeky, laughing and most of all breathing.

When the time comes and it’s critical – we need surgery we know that it will need to be more aggressive, more attentive, more precise, we know this is more than likely going to cause more damage to his mobility, his brain function – we are positive we have somewhere and someone who is able to carry out the procedure professionally in the UK and we haven’t ruled out our options for surgery in America. We are just waiting on the quotes which more than likely we couldn’t afford anyway but we will hold onto every single price of hope possible.

His deterioration could happen in a few days, a few months but it will happen because the cyst is there growing – until that time we need to make a plan and first decide is this the best and only option and then after surgery where will Emerson have his rehabilitation, where is the place that will work his body to get it moving again. Sadly we fear it’s not here in the UK. So, again we are making a plan and getting quotes and a breakdown of costs to see how much our son’s life is worth, how much we can raise to perhaps give him a future he truly deserves.

This is no doubt the biggest part of our journey so far and we continue to feel blessed with all the love and support from everyone and can’t thank you all enough for your fundraising and donations.

If you would like to hold a fundraising event, however little or big please let us know

Thank you everyone ❤️

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Christmas afternoon tea event

Christmas Afternoon Tea at Powers Cafe


Blooming Great Afternoon Christmas Tea event fundraising for Emerson Grant.

Enjoy a delightful fundraising afternoon with friends, treat yourself to a fancy tea with prosecco on arrival, followed by some delicious cakes, scones and sandwiches.

Powers restaurant Café on Oatlands Drive Weybridge Surrey have kindly donated their premises to hold a Blooming Great Afternoon fundraising Tea event, hosted by Emerson’s fairy god-mothers to raise much needed funds for Emerson Grant.

2.30PM – 5.30PM
POWERS RESTAURANT CAFE, 140 Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9HJ

£20.00 per person includes a glass of prosecco

This is a ticket only event and all proceeds will be donated to Emerson Grant fundraising page.



Please R.S.V.P.
Anna-Marina at
amdearsley@gmail.com or
call 07949 506473

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The 300 Challenge

The 300 Challenge
We need 100 People
To raise £100 each
In 100 days


Most of you will know that on 15th August 2016, our son Emerson Grant was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst on his spine this resulted in him becoming paralysed, diagnosed with – A spinal cord injury – Tetraplegia incomplete.

So our new journey had begun.

We spent the following months in a number of hospitals stabilising Emerson and getting to grips with his new baseline.

We didn’t realise at the time just how many times we would visit them forever revolving doors, just how many sleepless nights we would spend watching, hoping, praying and just how many additional complications were to come with life after a spinal cord injury.

We also didn’t realise just how much we would need to rely on charitable support, having to rely on one income but with so much additional costs to bare, family, family friends, friends, and friends of friends, local and from afar in fact all points of the globe have come together to support our journey, it’s truly been amazing and without your support we wouldnt be where we are today.

However, our daily hurdles continue, and we are challenged every day to face each battle full on for our #braveboy. He shows such determination in his daily trials, all with a smile on his face, defying the professionals who say “to young for that sir”!!!

We choose today 11th November 2017 launch The 300 Challenge because this is the day we were discharged from hospital. The day our lifes began living with a child with a Spinal Cord Injury.

We need your help!

We need 100 people, businesses or groups to help us achieve our spring board for 2018.

Whilst the ever emerging cyst has held us back over the last 12 months, we now need to ensure Emerson’s strength and progress is maintained, so that he has the best chance of recovery after his future surgeries.

We have two goals – the purchase of a FES bike and the funding of specialist therapy in America.

These are both beyond the £10k target of The 300 Challenge, however we plan to use this as a foundation to kick start the fundraisng and raise more funds through the early part of 2018.

So here it is, as simple as it gets:
The 300 Challenge
We need 100 People
To raise £100 each
In 100 days

So get your buckets out, Christmas carols anyone, how about getting your local butcher involved, Coffee and Christmas cake morning or how about just getting a fiver off 20 of your mates.

We find it strange being the other side of the charity bucket, we’ve always been givers, not receivers, times change and we now have to step up to the plate, everyone has been truly amazing and we are so blessed to have so much support and love around us.


Thank you all for everything and we hope you enjoy taking part in The 300 Challenge. Please let us know you will be taking part so we can post and share and show your support via this page xx

#the300challenge #emersongrant2014 #arachnoidcyst #spinalcordinjury #cystonthespine

Thank you to those showing as “going” and “interested” if you could PM me your email, I can send you some posters that you can print off to kick start #the300challenge
Thanks for you continued support 💪 xx

Please get in touch via email amdearsley@gmail.com or call 07949 506473