Rehabilitation and Equipment Wish List

wish list

We truly appreciate all the hard work people put into fundraising for Emerson. Your help and support has allowed us to fund Emerson’s specialist private physio therapy sessions, purchase specialist equipment and travel to America for rehabilitation where the knowledge, expertise and services are more advanced than in the UK for children with a spinal cord injury.

Today, the Arachnoid Cyst has returned for the third time and is growing inside Emerson’s spine and is causing further health complications such as kyphosis, neurological changes and further deterioration.

We now need to wait for significant deterioration, before the next surgery is carried out, either way the outcome is the same, loss of upper body mobility including arms and hands.

Sadly, Emerson has now been diagnosed with additional health complications.  Kyphosis, Low Bone Density and Osteopenia due to Emerson having no movement in his lower limbs.

It is important to keep Emerson’s body moving, through specialist physic therapy sessions and specialist equipment, otherwise his bones could become brittle and could break from a simple movement such as sneezing.

We need to ensure Emerson’s strength and progress is maintained. He needs the best chance of recovery after any future operation. We need to slow down and cure the additional health complications.

Sadly, the NHS cannot provide specialist physical therapy for Emerson.   We need to raise funds to provide a consistent, intervention through private physiotherapy in the UK and America that will improve Emerson’s quality of life and medical health. This all has to be self funded = private fees.


A specialist Physio therapy session in the UK costs between £70-£100 per hour.  It is recommend that Emerson receives approx 4-5 sessions per week of physio therapy and hydro therapy which costs between £400-£500 per week and this is not available on the NHS. Based on 12 months therapy in the UK we need to make sure we raise at least £25,000 per year.

If you would like to hold a fundraising event for Emerson please get in contact.  We welcome one off donations or corporate contributions towards the fees.

FES BIKE – RT300 – £17,000 (Already raised £7000) remaining £10,000 needed!
A FES bike costs a staggering £17,000 – this equipment will be used in the home and will help Emerson with his physical and medical needs to slow down his low bone density; osteoporosis and help him become more mobile.


Here is #emersongrant2014 enjoying a demonstration on the RT3000 #fesbike with Alex from #cyclonemobility

Children with neurological impairments have much to gain from FES activity based therapy as they are still growing and have higher levels of neuroplasticity.

Children who experience spinal cord injuries (SCI) may develop many complications, including loss of bone mass, osteoporosis, and pathological fractures.

FES is a well-established rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves evoking muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity. With Restorative Therapies systems, FES creates patterned movement in the arms, legs and trunk. FES enables muscles to work and perform activities even though the muscles may be weak or paralyzed through neurological disease or injury.

  • Increase bone density
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Reverse muscle atrophy
  • Improve local circulation
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce spasms
  • Reduce risk of pressure ulcers

We are to purchase an FES bike for Emerson to use in the home approx. 4 – 5 times a week. We need to increase and improve his low bone density and stop his osteopenia getting worse.  The cost of this specialist equipment is £17,000

The cost to attend a specialist centre 4-5 times a week for FES cycling sessions it would cost approx. £3375 per month that is a staggering £40,500 per a year, plus travel costs to the venue.

Therefore, it is more cost effective to purchase a FES Bike to use in the home.


LiteGait Small Paediatric Gait Trainer – Cost £2500

A safe supported partial weight bearing environment for gait therapy provides appropriate postural support, controlling weight bearing and posture to correct asymmetric movement.  Can prevent excessive forward leaning to slow down Emerson’s Kyphosis.

MRS-WK75_4 LiteGait Walkable

  • Work on sit to stand, balance, and posture
  • Safely lift Emerson from chair or mat
  • Improve posture control and weight shifting
  • Better understanding of position of the body in space
  • Improved mobility / muscle tone regulation
  • Positive effect on circulation, respiration and digestion
  • Improve and slow down Osteoporosis

Hand propelled Tricycles

Hand propelled tricycles are designed specifically to provide fun therapy and independence for children with spine cord injuries where their lower limbs is restricted.


Specialist conductive equipment

  • Free standing ladders
  • Peanut ball for balance activities


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